21 May 2012

5 on being oline

at the biographer's conference in cali this weekend, i was forced to confront my massive name confusion of last year. remember that time? when i tried to be faith and it was a big fat fail until jmills spoke some harsh words and slapped some sense into me? and now, i've been online eaton ever since... oh, pardon me, oleeeeen eaton. no, wait. 

hi, i'm oline. 

confusion reigned in cali! on the program, i was oline. in the membership directory, i was faith. in my profile, my twitter handle was mistyped as "online". and, every time she saw me, my dear chicago biographer friend would exclaim with wild abandon: "OHHHHLEEEEEEN!" usually, maybe just half a second after i'd finished explaining to someone that it was properly pronounced "oh!-'lighn." 

but i think maybe the greatest moment of the conference by far was when i introduced myself to the pulitzer-prize winner who read the weird thing on jackie, though our only in-person interaction with her had been the observation that there should be more stalls in the women's restroom at the national press club

i went up to her, name-dropped jackie, and introduced myself. and the pulitzer-prize winner said this: "oh my god! you're so young! based on your name, i'd pictured an older european woman, possibly an italian."


Megan said...

I would just like to point out that there is somebody else then that pronounces Oline the same way I do.

Katie C said...

I love this. Did you explain to her that basically, on the inside you are and older Europena woman? :)

oline said...

oh yes, meggie, you are not alone. though online is slightly more used.

i am! oh k.clen, i don't think i'd fully realized this until now. it's a week of breakthroughs. i, an older european woman, love prominent nose.

jmillewitz said...

First off, I hope my words weren't too harsh. That was me trying to be inquisitive. Fail.
Second, this is not a surprise and maybe the misunderstandings of pronunciation will work in your favor. (except for online, that was unforeseen and now I'm worried about auto-correct.)

oline said...

your words were so what i needed to hear!