14 May 2012

0 “it tells you the name of the horse, the owner, the jockey, the trainer, how well they did in their last few races and everything you need to know to make your pick. or, you can forget about all of this and pick one from out of the air.”

Today, class, ohmygod SO MUCH. we’ve got adults gambling for minors, adults getting pregnant, adults breaking up and adults getting engaged. it’s like adults gone wild over here in the 90210world. but, to get down to brass tacks, we (by which i mean ME) are especially interested in the portrayals of horse racing, teenage overinvolvement in adult love lives and the complications caused by gossip in the classic season 2 90210 episode “and baby makes five.”
so, jackie taylor’s knocked up. a few months have passed since she and mel silver hooked up after he healed the tooth she broke on that crouton from the awesome chicken salad at the beverly hills beach club and they’ve been incandescently happy with one another ever since. but now jackie’s preggers and things are kind of not great.Continue reading 

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