15 May 2012

1 done. (ie. things written before my finger was broken)

in october 2006, the lindears came to town and we went to the austrian bakery, where i encountered "michael's weekend special" for the first time.

"michael's weekend special" was essentially a double doozie made out of a chocolate iced donut. so, chocolate icing, layer of donut, shit-ton of cream filling, layer of donut. YUM.

except i didn't get it. because there was only one and while we were all "um... what IS
michael's weekend special'?", the people in front of us ordered it so we never had a chance to find out.

debo was in town a million weekends ago but i'm only just getting to posting this. only just getting to writing about how, after The Pizza and the nature museum, we went to the austrian bakery and there it was. "michael's weekend special."

there was just one and there was a dude in front of us and i was quaking in my boots for fear that this was something michael only made in limited quantity for one weekend every six years and this dude was going to order it and i'd be denied the chance to eat it once again.

but the pastry gods smiled upon me. and it was good.