07 May 2012

0 deep deep thoughts from the naked lady bar: race, genocide, whale penises and the dewey defeats truman unauthorized library

"somehow, through the window, i misinterpreted you as an african american."

"my backpack is like a whale penis."

"this was a backpack emergency."

"i think it was cheap because of the whale penis."

"woman + child means 'good' or 'likable', but what if you hate women and kids?"

"in this vow, i will argue that the bonds of matrimony..."
"i'm swooning already."
"i assume every MAPH vow has that."
"it's a metanarrative analysis of vows..."
"as derrida said..."

"our love is like a stagnant pool."
"small and green."

"pocket squares have words on them!"

"wait. you think the gold rush people were a great communal experience and the samurais and european crusaders were all sad and alone?"

"i think you were thinking of the ninjas."
"the teenage mutant turtles?"
"no, there were four of them in that sewer."

"all this stuff is happening and i'm just like... CHERRY BLOSSOMS!"

"yeah, doug and lara on pot. that would be interesting."

"with like the teeth and vagina and stuff..."

"first of all, gothic shit is like my favorite ever."

"my guess is no one really did that. in the 19th century novels, it was just a really convenient way to move characters around the world."

"i am so like wow."

"cool, yeah? i learned it in MAPH."

"oh, that's a great horse name."

"can rotund people loom?"

"she said her greatest disappointment in life is that i'm not jewish."
"they like jews in japan?"

"it's weird how complicated genocide can be."
"you can be totally for getting rid of one people and then take a principled stand against the genocide of another people."

"several quotes justifying his actions in large print on a wall. you can see that happening right?"
"well, that's pretty much all a presidential library is."

"the dewey defeats truman unauthorized library..."
"... a pointed critique in building form."

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