19 April 2012

3 the yellow shoes (january 2007 - april 2012)

dear yellow shoes,

we had some good times, didn't we? what am i saying? no, we didn't. in fact, on a fairly regular basis, you destroyed my feet.

memorable times. that is what we had. because though you destroyed my feet, though it hurt for my feet to be in you even when i was sitting down, i wore you All The Time.

to a singles mixer at the MCA in 2007. to meggie's wedding that summer. to meet jmills for dinner at the pasta bowl in 2008. to another wedding in 2009. to pennsylvania in the summer of 2010. to interview the step-brother in newport in august 2011. for game night in february 2012. and to fancy small group night last month.

now, i've a good memory, yellow shoes, but do you know why i remember literally every single time i have worn you? because every single time, you destroyed my feet.

and yet, i persisted in wearing you. because you were beautiful and because i really wanted this to work out. but there comes a time in every relationship when you've really got to face the facts and the fact is, try as i might, things are never going to work well between us.

your pointy toes are always going to push the bones of my feet to assume positions that are simply unstainable for periods longer than half a minute. your low heel is always going to be of a height that does not accommodate the extreme arches of my barbie feet. and your knife-like edges are always going to blister my heels in a matter of seconds.

dear yellow shoes, the price of wearing you is always going to be blood. i deserve better. i know that now.



mak said...

My fee hurt just thinking about your feet in those shoes. My feet ache for your feet, all the way from here to there. You do deserve better. Put them on a shelf where you can't reach them, but you can still look at them, but stop wearing them.

Also, sure, I'm five years late to the party and yeah, my dad used to tell me to take lysine for canker sores, but Linda, would that stuff also work for healing bug bites?

Linda said...

you know... that is an awesome idea! Although bug bites are more "reacting to poison in body" rather than "gross mouth thing that needs to be healed".

I'd still try it though. the healing of skin and all that. I ought to know; I'm a doctor.

PS: I am not a doctor.

oline said...

OH. dang, it took me the longest time to figure out (1) whether that was my lindear or some weird north carolina expression and (2) what the hell you girls were talking about. but i'm there now. finally.