06 April 2012

0 voilà

the jackie paper is in progress. and like any good sermon or high school english paper, it has three main points:

(1) that one time jackie wore a see-through top; (2) that one time jackie had lots 'o money; and (3) that one time ari died and jackie was all alone.

this boils down to portrayals of sexuality, wealth and widowhood in mid-century tabloid magazines. a legit subject that will fit comfortably within the confines of one colon. 

the problem is that these topics are RICH. the consumerism and widowhood a teeny bit less so but the portrayals of jackie's sexuality could easily be a 50-page paper all of their own. 

the see-through top! the sex movie! the jeans! the naked pictures! not to mention the biographical fact that jackie and onassis (initially, anyway) had sex everywhere, all the time. 

i'm telling my mother this when i realize this is something i maybe don't want to be discussing with my mother. 

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