02 April 2012

3 solving problems with 90210: "it's the best way to bring a new couple closer!" (part 1)

in the interest of saving space and ensuring that i will be able to upload photos to blogger for the rest of the year... a slight venue change, if you will:

today, class, we’re going to explore the thematic elements of eggs and denim alongside portrayals of raves, drugs and drunkenness in the classic 90210 season 2 episode “u4ea.” for two reasons, this will be a masterpiece of analysis unfolding in two parts.

reason 1: this is the greatest episode of television to have ever aired. i'm not even joking. it is. it's also a stellar example of what i like to call "social justice tv"- a fancy term for 90s adolescent programming tackling a big-time social problem. i don't want to overwhelm you. let's take this slow. reason

2: MINE EYES! they have been taxed to the max by the lighting in the den of iniquity into which we are about to delve, an assault that necessitated an ocular break.

so, two parts. this week (as in, RIGHT.NOW) and next week.

 now that i've thoroughly apologized for something you probably wouldn't have noticed, here we go... U4EA! the lessons learned! the problems solved! the intoxicants consumed! the regrets! SO MANY.
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Linda said...

I'd like to say this is the first time I've seen my fashions displayed on 902010. But no, I am seeing a lot of familiar denims. Its just that my denims didn't happen until later in the 90's.

oline said...

it's kind of nice to know that the distance for Fashions from the hip underground club to franklin, tennessee is five years.

mak said...

Ugh, the finger stir completely creeped me out, too!