09 April 2012

0 problem solved 90210: “it’s the best way to bring a new couple closer together!” (part 2)

today, class, part II of our exploration of the thematic elements of eggs and denim alongside portrayals of raves, drugs and drunkenness in the classic 90210 season 2 episode “U4EA.”

now, i know you have been on TENTERHOOKS for the last seven days, wondering what is up with brandon walsh (all-american, goody-two-shoes boy) who, when we left him last monday, was HIGH AS A KITE on DRUGS.
U4EA to be exact. pronounced "you-for-e-uh", like euphoria. ie. the ecstasy of 90210, because ecstasy is a patented word or some such legal baloney.

never fear! brandon's been waiting for us. he's still feeling soooooooooo good and sooooooooooo alive. so get off your tenterhooks and let's pick up where we left off... (continue reading)

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