07 March 2012

0 Movies You Really Should've Seen By Now If You Want To Consider Yourself A Grown Person: Two For The Road

i once dated someone who used annie hall as a litmus test in romances. as in, if a girl didn't "get" annie hall then he couldn't date her because they would obviously be incompatible.

that story is ancillary in the sense that it has nothing to do with two for the road and i don't use two for the road as a litmus test myself, but somehow- in my mind, anyway- the movies are oddly linked. because i think that what annie hall is doing for dating relationships, two for the road does for marriage. kind of. maybe?

i write that knowing full well that my thesis is fraught.

(i also know that were any of you to actually watch two for the road, you'd probably know way more about my thoughts regarding marriage than i'd ever want any of you to know.)

that written, you need to see two for the road if you're to really be a grown-up. because (and brace yourself- this is an unusually schizophrenic justification):

(a) it's good to see audrey hepburn in roles that break the established audrey hepburn mold.

through much of her early career, hepburn was cast against men who were 30-40 years older than her. it wasn't until the 60s that her co-stars started catching up to her age-wise and it wasn't until 1966's how to steal a million and 1967's two for the road that she had the opportunity to work with younger men. i don't think it's a coincidence that these are two films in which she shines.

b) there's an AMAZING university of chicago joke made within the movie's first 15 minutes. 

3) our lead characters wear cute clothes and take cool road trips. then they become outrageously successful and go to fancy parties. (these are all, obviously, extremely grown-up things to do.)

4) they fight.

5) and then they make-up.

that's all i can say without spoiling you with spoilers. so watch it. for reals. and then write me a long letter about how marriage is nothing like this and everything i think i know is wrong.

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