05 March 2012

1 love. not fear.

years ago, a friend and i fancied ourselves super smart. we were collaborating on a play about jackie and marilyn, and we thought we'd stumbled upon something truly new when we concluded that everything anyone ever does in life comes down to making a decision between love or fear.

i don't think i'll ever fully understand this and it's becoming increasingly obvious i'll be spending the whole of my life trying to live it (as evidenced by the fact that i've written about the effort to do so here and here and here and here and here and, again, here and, to some extent, here and, most recently, here and here).

but back then, young and naive and terribly silly, my friend and i felt we had solidly grasped this principle and that we could easily live on a policy of "love, not fear." turns out, there was nothing easy about it.

the following year, our play died and that friend dumped me. three years after, i realized this principle is biblical and that our new-found philosophy was approximately 1,910 years old. awesome.

there can be no room for fear in love.

god, how frightful is that?

1 comment:

Katie C said...

frightful in the most beautifully hopeful kind of way...