23 March 2012

0 i've only one regret

there's a picture i didn't take. just one. in the dresden train station, where my need to pee triumphed over my photographic eye. as always happens, this has now swelled in my mind to become The Greatest Picture of All Time and i am grieved by its loss. 

(and, yes, i've noted the irony. the cat died and i couldn't give two beans but a picture went untaken and here i am bereft.)

in the absence of visuals, i will now paint a word picture... 

imagine this: a poster wherein the statue of liberty, instead of a torch, holds aloft a tray bearing a BBQ hoagie, speared with a fluttering american flag toothpick.

what you are imagining is the international advertising for subway, wherein america garnishes it's sandwiches in a fashion eerily reminiscent of the commemoration of man's first walking on the moon. 

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