01 February 2012

3 Movies You Really Should've Seen By Now If You Want To Consider Yourself A Grown Person: William & Kate: The Lifetime Movie and/or (um... AND) Camilla & Charles: Whatever Love Means

yeah, yeah. somewhere in chicago, k.clen just said, "we're fighting."

but i'm sticking to my guns. here's why you need to see  camilla & charles whatever love means/william & kate: the lifetime movie (both of which have come up before), beyond the fact that they teach us much about colon usage and ampersands AND they are The Greatest DocuDramas Of Our Time.

william & kate teaches us that if we get our pictures in the tabloids and play hard to get, the prince who has dumped us will totally want us back so long as we're willing to dive into a lake and swim to shore for him. camilla & charles teaches us that if you love a woman- even if she is a ruined woman- you should marry her, because if you don't you're just going to wind up taking her as a lover later on, thus ruining the lives of many more people and creating a constitutional crisis.

but the really really important thing that camilla & charles whatever love means/william & kate: the lifetime movie teach us is LIFE.

in the world of camilla & charles whatever love means/william & kate: the lifetime movie, LIFE is a thing without any resolution. ever. (spoiler alert!) charles and camilla do not get together in the end and kate and william do not wed. both films leave their characters on the cusp of major emotional change without granting the viewer any access to it.

as k.clen has pointed out, i am apparently drawn to films that do this and i think that's because there's something more life-like about a conclusion such as this. after all, if you're going to look at life as an unending adventure, you really can't ever know the end. a fact that is frustrating, freeing and terribly adult.


Meggie said...

Score! I saw the William and Kate one! Finally!

oline said...

victory! what did you think??

Meggie said...

Wonderfully cheesy!