25 February 2012



Tom said...

How did I miss you posting this? This song is totally underrated! I can't decide if I like this version (with Willie) better or the one on the Stay single where it's just Bono and the Edge, really stripped down.

Either way, this is one of my favorites of theirs. I mean, I love how when Bono stops trying to be grandiose he can hammer out such a simple, yet deceptively complex line like "And I don't know why a man search(es) for himself in his woman's eyes. No I don't know why a man sees the truth but needs the lies." I mean, seriously. That's so deep for such a simple song. Thanks for posting!

oline said...

oh my god, it's the best. one of only two songs i'll ever sing to anyone. but i do really really prefer the one with just bono and the edge. and that line you quoted there slays me every time.