01 January 2012

0 the old year

486- great expectations (dickens)
415- brick lane (ali)
150- promises (pascal)
330- the case for god (armstrong)
150- rags to riches (pascal)
195- in the beginning (armstrong)
156- head over heels (pascal)
191- islam (armstrong)
150- showdown (pascal)
189- the untold story of the new testament church (viola)
400- a history of god (armstrong)
99- ethan frome (wharton)
221- the seven faith tribes (barna)
221- the bible: a biography (armstrong)
472- the life you save may be your own: an american pilgrimage (elie)
368- the irresistible revolution (claibourne)
264- allah (volf)
370- the battle for god (armstrong)
190- the courage to be (tillich)
245- the living thoughts of kierkegaard (kierkegaard)
126- regarding the pain of others (songtag)
224- muhammad and the believers, at the origins of islam (donner)
346- the gospel according to woman (armstrong)
175- delores (susann)
540- bonhoffer: pastor, martyr, prophet, spy (metaxes)
517- learning to fly (beckham)
304- cleopatra (schiff)
170- runaway (pascal)
150- too much in love (pascal)
240- bad girls go everywhere: the life of helen gurley brown (scanlon)
478- oprah (kelley)
150- say goodbye (pascal)
741- lace (conran)
318- no more tiaras (herter)
267- sex and the single girl (brown)
250- diana, her true story (morton)
275- bossypants (fey)
500- secrets of the flesh: a life of colette (thurman)
151- memories (pascal)
153- nowhere to run (pascal)
303- king of the world (remnick)
476- the russian debutante's handbook (shteyngart)
121- hostage (pascal)
256- untold story (ali)
265- alway wear joy (fales-hill)
300- sin in the second city (abbott)
241- first class (gladden)
450- diana: in search of herself (smith)
306- falling for me (david)
270- jackie as editor (lawrence)
270- devil's cub (heyer)
279- black sheep (heyer)
634- the family (kelley)
215- sheila levine is dead and living in new york (parent)
292- devices & desires: a history of contraceptives in america (tone)
307- margaret sanger: a life of passion (baker)
164- the tyranny of choice (selecl)
264- cuban star (burgos)
720- on being christian (kung)

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