11 January 2012

0 Movies You Really Should've Seen By Now If You Want To Consider Yourself A Grown Person: Sunset Boulevard

dear people, get on this.

sunset boulevard holds a rather extraspecial place in the OitC pantheon of movies, as it came into my life during that summer of 1999 when steven and i saw every movie ever made because (a) he worked at a theater and (b) we equated going to college with death.

and so we saw sunset boulevard because it was a movie. imagine our surprise then when it was kind of the most amazing movie in the world. we went in expecting nothing and our socks were knocked off.

sunset boulevard is ranked as the 16th best film of american cinema by those cinema people who make lists of such things. so it has legitimate seals of approval from people who dole out legitimate seals.

it's also really good.

it heralds the hollywood comeback of joe kennedy's old lover, gloria swanson.

it's stylish. (get a load of those bangles.)

and pretty.

and creeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy.

and it's narrated by a dead man.

 and it's got VON STROHEIM!!! (wearing gloves, no less.)

 watch it.

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