26 January 2012

0 in jackie stories you should know and love

"During her trip to India and Pakistan in March and April of 1962, Jackie went without the President and the hordes of staff, security and media which always prevented sustained and direct contact with the everyday people who turned out to see them. Making an impulsive gift of a scarf she’d just bought to a Pakistani woman covered in a burqua when she learned the woman wore colorful clothes beneath it, or wearing a fingerprinted Indian tilak on her forehead, her respect for everyday people she encountered and the cultures in which she was immersed cemented the affection those nations felt towards her but while hundreds of thousands of foreigners gained a better sense of all this through a United States Information Agency documentary about her trip, Americans were prevented from ever seeing and hearing her speak. Republicans claiming that its distribution to commercial movie audiences created unfair partisan advantage for the Administration, blocked it from being screened."

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