27 January 2012

5 gary is having a spend-the-night with the in-laws, during which joe and burvil have figured out how to use their photo scanner. really, i can't even begin.

your beloved oline, impecably well-mannered southern lady. always, forever and ever.

debo and pammyla.

 fashion malfunctions are obviously a family trait.

debo and sadoline.

i repeat:
i had The Best Childhood ever and have been impossibly blessed ever since.


jmillewitz said...

That is the sweetest pic of you and you mom.

Osutein said...

These are nice. Can you make that face at NLB like every time? It can sort of be the lighting of our Olympic Torch, so to speak.

oline said...

um... no.

Linda said...

LOVE this. especially sadoline.

(Does that make me weird? Does it help if I say that I love it because my child makes that exact same sad face? No?)

oline said...

yeah, i don't think i expected so much sadoline love.