24 January 2012

2 coated

when we were kids, the absolute uncoolest thing you could do was button your coat.

mind you, i grew up in tennessee, so blizzardish conditions were rare, but still, it could get cold. and when it got cold, i would deign to wear a coat, yes, but i unilaterally refused to zip it.

i realize now that this was the stupidest thing ever. because the bus was always delayed, i was always underdressed and, no matter how my mother protested, my coat was always unzipped. i count myself lucky not to have caught pneumonia.

today, i zip/button my coat. always. because it is really freaking cold out there and i do not want to die.

and yet...

the other day i saw a man getting off the train. he appeared entirely unphased by the fact that it was then twelve degrees. he was wearing a grey sweater and a black coat that was more a blazer than anything else. and it was unbuttoned. and my immediate thought was, god, he looks so cool.


The Whiffer said...

smiling. knowingly.

Acer Negundo said...

It's possible that this fellow might have been a Canadian.