28 December 2011

4 shaving the shampoo bottles

unfamiliar with the newfangled concept of moisturizing strips on disposable razors, my mother once falsely accused little girl oline of "shaving the labels off the shampoo bottles."

it was quite possibly the only time i have ever been wrongly accused, and i have lorded it over her for all of the subsequent 25 years.

only now have i begun to see the logic of her thought. i was, after all, the child who glazed a whole hotel bathtub in st. ives apricot scrub. the defilement of my mother's hair products with a razor doesn't seem such a stretch.


Linda said...

wait. you what??

oline said...

which part? the st. ives?

Linda said...

yes. you...coated an entire bathtub in st. ives?

oline said...

um... yeah? why, didn't everyone?