20 December 2011

1 the natural condition

all my emotional drama unfolds in cabs.

the whole flight from l.a. i know that, upon seeing the chicago skyline, i am going to cry. because california felt all wrong ("white christmas" just sounds desperate there). and because i wanted to be home. wanted to see jmills. wanted to hang the posterboard on which, under the watchful eye of kbg back in the spring of 2001, i scrawled that quote from shakespeare in love in fuchsia marker.

that is what is missing.

it may not make any difference, but it is what has been missing all along.

and now that i know it is what has been missing, of course i cannot find it freaking anywhere.

1 comment:

jmillewitz said...

Word, Christmas in LA doesn't feel like xmas no matter how hard they try.