08 November 2011

0 the marrieds make a triumphant return

hey remember the marrieds? they were in chicago way back in 2010, and- much like i everyone else i knew in chicago 2010- they had fled by year's end.

while they were in the city, the marrieds and i met monthly for what my friends referred to as "non-sexual dinners." through these evenings, the marrieds taught me to eat and drink like a proper grown-up. when we're together, we live like a king and his queens.

the marrieds were in town this weekend. it was absolute glory. 

we went to maude's and the bedford. there was fois gras and steak tartare and chocolate mousse and chartreuse and duck liver pate and sweet breads and cupcakes and martinis and whiskey sours and amaretto sours and rainbo and the photo booth and so much fun.

the marrieds are much like me. they have a huge crush on this city. and so when we're together there are these moments when we all look up and in unison we sigh, thanking our lucky stars that we are where are. that we are in chicago, even if only for now. 

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