23 November 2011

2 i don't cook much

as evidenced by the fact that the category of "'cooking' in the city" contains scare quotes and a grand total of three posts (one of them a musing on how i don't cook and two of them recipes featuring the measurement "a shit-ton").

but i do like to eat. and- as a southern person- when i find things that i really, really, really like to eat (as happened with The Ketchup Of Our Lives. and The Pasta. and that burger at the algonquin.), i'm moved by my native regional zeal to share those things with everyone i know. so, dear everyone i know, this is one of those things:

spaghetti squash stravaganza 
things you will need:
1 spaghetti squash
1 can/jar of some sort of sauce

things you need to do:
1. take one spaghetti squash.
2. cut it in half. (based on personal experience, i would discourage you from doing this with a paring knife while simultaneously talking on the phone with your gay boyfriend and yelling at your cat.)
3. scrape the seeds out.
4. microwave it for 15 minutes.
5. pull out all the squash insides.
6. dump some sort of sauce on top.
(optional: add whatever other vegetable/dairy business you want in there)
7. voilĂ ... yum.


Katie C said...

huh. things that are interesting: I now make this like once a week, but I always microwave mine before cutting it open. I may have to try it this way...

oline said...

WOW. i'm impressed that you wound up here 2 years later!