25 October 2011

4 you must

read this.


Katie C said...

thank you for that by the way.

oline said...

this: "No one cares that I cannot be the kind of father I would like to be, until my daughter is a link, a hashtag, a trending topic. A punch-line. The subject of what may be the most widely seen piece of child pornography in history: A 14 year-old giving oral while two other boys watch and laugh. You say what you would do, what you would say, but you have no idea."

ahhhhhh. i can't even.

the writer (who's gotten a lot of flack) also left a comment that's pretty fascinating: "This was so hard, so painful to write, because my daughter really is Amber Cole—she is a tween with a pretty name, she is, in fact, the most beautiful girl in the world. She is curious, impressionable and vulnerable. She is besieged by rich and famous blow-job ingénues, peer-pressure, poor role models, boys. She’s learning the power of her body with no real teacher that is not her age. Her mother is wonderful, overwhelmed and disengaged. This is the way of it. That's the fight I'm fighting. That's the fight most of the fathers I know are fighting. We are fighting to be an influence in their lives."

jmillewitz said...

I think I would feel better having not read that. Today I have read too many infuriating articles.

jmillewitz said...


I feel better now.