04 October 2011

2 The Plan (revised)

i became a biographer because i thought it would do wonders for my love life.

truth. (i give you leave to laugh.)

in the back of that cab on my way home from midway in the dead of that night on 20 september 2010, i realized the people i love never live where i live. and so, like you do, i concluded the best means of correcting that was to launch a three-year plan to become a self-sustaining, location independent biographer.

the first lesson i learned upon becoming a biographer was that it does not do wonders for your love life.

still, the fact remains that the thing i've been counting down to is the goal of "doing something for a living where it doesn't matter where i live so i can love whomever i want." and that's just plain awkward- on both a motivational and syntactical level.

i'm in a cab on my way home from midway in the dead of another september night when i realize this needs revising. that it is no longer applicable and that what i'm doing here is much larger than my love life. it's a thoroughly selfish and prideful endeavor undertaken solely for me me me.

so what do i want?

the thought has already tattooed itself on my brain by the time i'm cognizant of having had it.

i want to write a book. i want to be self-employed.

two fairly obvious end-goals except for the fact i'm convinced they're unconnected.