12 October 2011

1 a personal plea from your beloved oline

so, continuing my career trajectory towards sex writerliness, 
i'm over at cheeky being scandalous today
and because i heart goals, i've a proposition for you dear three readers...
i cordially invite you to join in my personal campaign to make this 
the most aggressively commented upon cheeky post ever.
so please comment. seriously. do it.
(and on the actual cheeky post, please.)
tell me i'm wrong. tell me i'm right. tell me HGB is a vile beast. 
tell me i'm a horrible feminist. throw down some dworkin and berlant.
engage me in a battle of the wits for which my pea-brain is totally unprepared.
please. i beg.
if not, at least please do read, re-post, like, love, tweet, tell your friends.
seriously, that was so many pleases, how can you possibly resist?
your oline.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oline! I absolutely heart and adore you and your writing, but unfortunately you have to have an e-mail address to comment on cheeky. Do forgive me my quirks! And thanks for the book recommendations!