05 October 2011

4 Movies You Really Should've Seen By Now If You Want To Consider Yourself A Grown Person: Circle of Friends

circle of friends taught me everything i know about sex. no lie.

my mother and i used to watch it together, as though it were a heart-warming tale of love and loss airing on the hallmark channel when really it's a nasty little story of naughty irish people hopping in and out of each others beds.

by which i mean, it's totally freaking awesome.

the scene where benny and jack kneel by the river and she likens sex to having someone else stick their finger up your nose? be still, my 13-year-old heart.

circle of friends of friends has so many gifts to humantiy. there's chris o'donnell at his absolute cutest. see. here he is. in circle of friends. at his absolute cutest.

and colin firth in his last pre-darcy gig, when he was famous for being the man for whom nan mahon laid a towel on the bed. did i mention alan cumming? he is at his creepy grossest. this is also the movie where minnie driver comes from. in case you were curious about her origins.

circle of friends is a film of great intellectual heft. it serves up commentary on the difficulties of being a boy, of being a girl, of being irish, of having your period, of having sex while having your period, of being protestant and of living with nuns. plus, circle of friends is an important resource on the appropriate etiquette for both how to behave at a dance when a friend has cut your dress too low AND how to behave when your friend has seduced your boyfriend and is pretending that it's his child she's carrying when really it's her wealthy protestant lover's.

really, how can you ever consider yourself A Grown Person if you don't know how to cope with all of that?

and, oh yeah, ireland's pretty. there's rugby and records and a lot of information about the sex lives of the trobrian islanders. and there's aidan gillen. oh, aidan gillen. seriously. check out his imdb photo.

i mean, COME ON. so the moral here is: watch circle of friends. you may learn things. like, maybe, spanish?

(omg, dear circle of friends, why have you no real trailer???)


The Whiffer said...

and some of the worst attempts at Irish accents since 'Far and Away'. The upside is this won't interrupt proceedings if you're not Irish.

oline said...

oh how i love love far & away. but yes, the worst accents ever outside of anything directed by oliver stone.

Les Savy Ferd said...

I have a strict film-dietary restriction on the amount of Minnie Driver I can watch in a given year. My doctor says she "angries up my blood." And given that she was in GoldenEye for 3 and 1/2 seconds (it was perhaps her finest moment, playing a Russian mafia Don's stripper/escort/girlfriend) I might be tapped out at the moment.

Thinking back on it I blame Good Will Hunting.

oline said...

but grosse pointe blank! surely that redeems her...