13 October 2011

4 fronting

i'm waging a war on multiple fronts. because, really, what better way to become a biographer than by deploying the failed military campaigns of hitler and kaiser wilhelm? i mean, yeah. OBVIOUS. success will be my future!

anyway, here are my four fronts:

1. networking with as many biographers as possible (NWAMBAP) so i could wind up with good recommendations for the levy.

2. NWAMBAP with works-in-progress in order to cultivate a massive stream of future freelance work so i can...
         a. fund jackie
         b. be self-employed

3. NWAMBAP through committee work so as to create the illusion of being terribly important within and knowledgeable about my field.

4. NWAMBAP by volunteering for every single biography-related thing that comes along so i will have as many spheres of influence as possible and, ultimately, be positioned at the forefront of the development of the genre.

with the completion of #1, the laying of solid groundwork for the eventual success of #2 and the ongoing dramedy that is #3, we arrive at #4. 

total and complete domination of the biographical world. 

i imagine stories scaling new heights of ridiculousness will found on this front.