03 October 2011

3 confession

five years ago, the guy i was dating then pushed my long black hair from my face, looked deep into my green eyes and, in a slow southern drawl, asked me: what is your biggest, wildest, most impractical, pie in the sky dream?

given that this inquiry came fast on the heels of him saying i was someone he would want to marry, the proper answer in this instance was probably a white picket fence. that, of course, didn't occur to me. i'm not all that proper.

and so i told him something so pie in the sky that i'd never told anyone before.

i want to make a documentary film on jackie and the tabloids. 

he looked, first, confused then exceedingly let down. i knew i had done something wrong though i did not know what.

i'm in gregory's coffee in new york when a biographer leans across the table and says, this is, like, five years away, but i have to ask... would you be interested in doing a documentary on jackie and the tabloids?

my whole soul screams, HOLY SHIT. 


Clark MF Price said...

"To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women."

If you had said that, then you might be married to the wrong guy right now.

oline said...

ha! hilarious. this wasn't you though. somehow i imagine you would've been deeply encouraging of this :)

Clark MF Price said...

Of course it wasn't me. I'm cheesy but his question is definitely not my kind of cheesy. We haven't seen each other in 8 years.(are we really that old?) Any man worth his salt should be impressed by the quote.