14 September 2011

2 dear 8 person family @ navy pier last night,

thank you, thank you, thank you for walking over to the random crazy girls sitting on the park bench and giving them the two ferris wheel rides remaining on your 10 person family pass. it made their night.

(crazy girl #2)


Katie C said...

To tie all of these posts together today- I'm just gonna throw the ridiculousness that is my brain out there for everyone...
In my head whenever I think of this moment when the mother of 8 (and to clarify for all, this was not Katie Goselin or however you spell her name) handed us the tickets I thought (in a really light, cheesy, southern accent) "Oh my, I have always depended on the kindness of strangers" which in my brain MUST come from Gone with the Wind. Or Lonesome Dove. Whichever.

commence yelling now.

oline said...

ok, i'm yelling, but it's muted because this isn't nearly so bad as the lonesome dove/gwtw confusion.

you have just cited "a streetcar named desire." also a southern themed movie in which vivien leigh starred and for which she won an oscar. and yet, NOT gwtw. i'm curious to see how deep this confusion goes, because it seems as though anything you cannot identify the origins of is attributed to gwtw :)