19 August 2011

2 ring, ring

i'm going to see yusha again.

after our last interview, i sent flowers in the belief that men remember women who send them flowers and because, though i'm neither of the old world or from newport, that seemed like the type of old world, newport thing to do.

yesterday, i called to confirm our meeting, screaming down the line: YUSHA? IT'S OLINE. OLINE... THE WRITER!!!

there was silence and a cough and then yusha said, oh, yes, yes, oline of the flowers, how are you?


Linda said...

new pen name? "Oline Of The Flowers"?

new book title? band name? nail polish color? PLEASE, someone use this!

oline said...

that one's all you. i've already got "sexual mozart and the shattered jfk head."