11 August 2011

6 it puts the lotion on

k.clen and i are living it up tonight on a yacht at a cheeky event. with great care, we have coordinated our outfits so they don't clash and we don't have to spend the evening on opposite ends of the boat.

i'm feeling very good about all of this until i get to work and immediately squeeze a vial of lotion too hard so that it shatters, shooting white cream all over the front of my dress, into my hair and on my face.

i look like monica lewinsky.

these are the options: (1) buy a new dress over lunch, (2) look as though i was doling out sexual favors all afternoon.


Amy said...

So what did you decide to do?

oline said...

bought a $20 dress at h+m on my lunchbreak. it was 75% off and worked with the bra i was wearing. score!

oline said...

i also promptly spilled half my lunch down the lotion-stained dress, so the $20 dress is officially the best buy of all time.

Amy said...

Glad it worked out. If you can manage to spill something else this afternoon on it then you will feel even better about it. Sounds like you're on a roll!

oline said...

it's a trash the dress day! i guess whatever money i saved on the new dress can go to dry-cleaning this one :)

Lara Ehrlich said...

I don't know which is scarier: the Monica Lewinsky reference, or the Silence of the Lambs title. Ick.

But glad it all worked out!