01 August 2011

4 free, people

so free people is a clothing store for people who have lots 'o money and want to spend it trying to look like sienna miller circa 2006.

exhibit a:

exhibit b:

exhibit c: 

thanks to my annual purchase of a $26 bottle of perfume from anthropologie, i get to hold the free people catalog in my hands and laugh at it at least once a month. on the really, really good months... twice.

alas, with age, i've come to realize that if i make fun of something, i will invariably later come to love it. thus, last week i found myself wondering, COULD i wear a romper? and last night, casually laughing my way through the autumn free people, i landed upon these $300 fuchsia edwardian boots and could think nothing but: WANT.


Linda said...

for the romper: yes!! I was actually thinking about you and rompers the other day. and in my lindear-thoughts, the two of you got along.

oline said...

no, no, no. i can't. it's the fashion equivalent of becoming a republican. thank goodness k.clen and i aren't shopping or i might succumb.

Osutein said...

I don't understand how you use the bathroom in a romper. These are the thoughts that occupy my brain.

oline said...

EXACTLY. that is my question too.