24 August 2011

0 dunderheaded

i ran into a pay to park sign.


i didn't even see it coming.

pay to park signs typically loom above the street and i am by no means nine feet tall, so the logistics of this don't make much sense.

all i know is that i did run into a sign, it was advertising pay to park and, because i'm a brisk walker, i ran into it with such force that there was an audible reverb as the pole supporting the pay to park sign snapped to the right, thrown off-balance by the impact of my face making contact with its retroreflective sheeting and metal.

so if i suddenly keel from explosive head bleeding in the next couple days, this would be why. i walked into a road sign.

i will say this: it's hard to know the proper response when one has just walked into a road sign. when a considerable amount of laughter floated out the open windows of the cars sitting at the intersection, i simply did the first thing that came to mind: said shitsmiled, curtsied and walked on.

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