02 August 2011

2 deep thoughts from lindear on The Pregnancy Club

"That is the club that you are creeeeepily initated into the moment you announce the fetus. You are swarmed by other fetus stories. Which is sweet. But also... you know...  you are being swarmed by fetus stories. I’m not sure who started the club. But the existence of a fetus automatically enrolls you and you are, so it seems, a lifetime member. And so it goes that I am now one of those creepy old ladies who bestow unwanted stories onto my poor unsuspecting puffy victims. Pregnant people and parents are just weird. On behalf of the rest of them, I do apologize. And let us all be thankful for the STFUParents website."


Katie C said...

annnnd I just spent 20 minutes on the STFUparents website. highly entertaining. Thank you for enriching my day.

Linda said...

I feel as if it is the mom/dad equivalent of the felon "Don't Follow Me" program in schools.