12 August 2011

3 brighten up

there's this crazy man i used to work for in my old job whom i love. mind you, he drives me absolutely balls to the wall bonkers. he tries to be way too involved in my love life. he says incredibly inappropriate things. and he often blows everything i say entirely out of proportion, thus, necessitating the exchange of upwards of eighteen emails to calm him back down and convince him i'm not sad and lonely or dying of low self-esteem.

that said, sometimes he gets it right. because there's often a miles wide expanse between those times, they're doubly precious.

this morning, after one such exchange of eighteen emails to convince him that "this is what it feels like to be dumped by a girl" was written five years ago and i am no longer the insecure, untrusting girl i was then, he wrote this:

"wear shades, your future is so bright that it could be blinding."

it was a morning where i needed to hear that and hearing it has made my day.


Linda said...

I don't know if I should hope that you DID or DID NOT purchase pictured shades. I think I vote DID.

oline said...

sadly, DID NOT. but i feel like i got everything out of them that i needed to.

Linda said...

well said.