30 July 2011

2 smarts

i am not wise, but i'm slowly learning some things.

this is the sum total of what i know, listed in absolutely no order of importance...

* buy the most beautiful business cards in all the world. because even if they're an outrageous extravagance and you have to eat leaves and grass for the whole week after to pay them off- do it. the look of amazement and the exclamation of THAT is a NICE card that comes out of the mouth of each person to whom you give one will make it well worth the expense.

* ASK. if people are looking for contributors. if they need an editor. if they want to look at your stuff. even better, just send it to them. (croftie is the master of this, the queen of bold moves.)

* throw out the word becoming. it's totally unnecessary when describing something you already are.


Katie C said...

I'm a huge fan of that last one. I mean, if I'm telling people you're my friend, the biographer, you probably should too, right? :)

oline said...

so true