31 July 2011

0 july: a revue (truncated by travels)

"this is like an amalgam. i've seen enough depictions of mole people to have an amalgam."

"dante still has the last word on hell. think of everything in recent memory- can you think of anyone who has done hell better?"

"i'm not down on the sartorial choices of mole people."

"the hand motions were inconclusive."

"i appear to be dating his family."

"in case you read on facebook that my parents have died and you cannot get a hold of me here are his phone numbers."
"let us hope that your parents do not post about their own deaths."

"what is great about that young oline picture is that you would so make that same face and pose now after a few adult beverages."

"i don't know- don't screw around with an alaskan."

"clearly the internets is responsible for the douchiness in my life."

"i am going for maximum scaritude."
"i know – i’m glad the baby will be elsewhere."

"i expect to arrive in london and be regaled."

"i think the beer is the crucial thing, here."

"in case one day i email and mention that i'm going to be reading my journals on a stage..."

"i applaud you, your twitter, and your desktop machine."

"the concept of a free-for-all sounds lovely."

"so, what will you WEAR?"

"have you ever seen someone smirk while cutting an avocado?"

"i think it was massively formative for cutters."

"americans only care about soccer when the country where they studied abroad is doing well."

"i am too tired to turn tightly."

"let's be honest. caroline really pulls off wack-a-doo."

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