22 July 2011

2 coming attractions

sensei has written this thing. it is good.

by which i mean it is really fucking omg good and, when it leaves the naked lady bar and lands in an important magazine, you're going to have the privilege of reading it. and on that day you get to read it, the end is going to make your skin crawl so you sit back in your chair or on your couch or your bus seat or whatever it is you're sitting on at the time you're reading it and you'll exhale and say, damn.

audibly. likely, loudly. because it is good. really fucking omg good.

i just wanted to let you know you have that to look forward to. because this is the year we get published. croftie said it. it must be so.


Osutein said...

Ouch *my* heart! This made me all misty-eyed. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you, my friend! Whatever collegiate success my "kids" achieve will be thanks to you and the Dane. Seriously, there aren't enough Transformers-themed "thank you" cards in all the Halmarks in the world to adequately express my thanks for all you two have done for me and my scribblings.

PS: despite my deep and eternal hatred for "Memoirs of a Geisha" and all things related to it, that image somehow manages to be perfect. Nice!

oline said...

seriously. dude. writing group=BEST IDEA EVER. and it really is fucking omg good :) whether or not the door slides shut.