07 June 2011

3 the reunion

we maphers, we reuned. again.

towards the end of the night this poor, incredibly earnest kid from the current year came to our table.

he asked when we'd graduated and what we'd been doing since. we bragged that, after six years of talking about it, we'd finally begun a writing group.

he was blatantly stunned by our lack of pulitzers.

he said he was frightened. worried. he had been living in a U of C bubble. with furrowed brow, he confessed that he did not know what was going on in egypt and hadn't seen a movie in months.

he said he felt as though he was on the cusp, as though something loomed ahead though he did not know what. it was scary. he did not know what was coming. he was afraid he would fail.

sensei and i exchanged meaningful eye contact, but i don't remember whether we said it aloud.

that that is life. that it is how we feel every single day.

if we did impart this piece of wisdom, he wasn't ready. if we didn't, it was because he wasn't.

as he watched the poor earnest kid saunter away, sensei took a leisurely sip of his beer and said, oline, it's time we admit it to ourselves. we are too old to be here. we have aged out of maph.


Lara Ehrlich said...

Oh. My. God.

Osutein said...

I'll never go to a high school or college reunion, so I think last Friday was my one time to experience what those are like. The realization that people who were once close friends are now little more than strangers. The awkward and ultimately failed attempts to rekindle old friendships. Retreating to a corner with the couple of people you still keep in touch with. The creeping dread of realizing that a time of your life that has always seemed fairly recent, "just a couple of years ago," was actually a long time ago indeed.

oline said...

that may have been the best comment in OitC history.