09 June 2011

2 hot damn

yesterday- when, if you're in chicago you'll remember, it was literally 8 bazillion degrees out and the only headline the red eye could muster was a plaintive "hot damn"- i braved my first bikram class.

i've wanted to do bikram for upwards of eight years now. but it's been something to which my first response is an oh, i really want to do that, followed by a but it's too scary. because, y'know, 105° room... that be's kind of frightful.

but having survived flying that teeny deathtrap of a plane on the windiest day in recorded chicago history, i realize but it's too scary is no longer a valid excuse. so i bought the unlimited, reduced-rate one month and signed up for my first bikram class.

fyi, in the three hours of sheer panic preceding your first bikram class, it's best to drink a lot of water and to avoid reading bikram class reviews posted by people online. just saying.

as for the bikram itself... I SURVIVED. and, in a pursuit where one's ability to remain in the room the entire 90 minutes of class time is considered the only criterion needed to render one's first visit an overwhelming success, i was overwhelmingly successful.

all that to say something that's been said a million times by people more articulate than me, but still bears repeating: that if there's something you want to do and it's scary, you should do it nonetheless. bikram was scary. and hot. and gross. and at one point my legs were running with so much sweat that i wondered if they were weeping. but still, it was awesome. and i'm addicted.


Linda said...

what does one wear to a hot yoga?

oline said...

if one is a normal person, one wears REALLY expensive shorts and a bra from lulumon.

if one is me, one wears cut-off-at-the-knee leggings that one's mother gave one because they were too small for and a tank top purchased three years ago from forever21.