24 June 2011

5 great expectations

i think the key to being happy is giving up all expectations of how your life is going to look. or maybe it's the reverse- maybe it's giving up the expectation that there's a certain way your life must look if you're to be truly happy.

either way, expectations are the problem.

i'm not rambling here. it's applicable:

i've always said i could never write a biography about a living person and i could never write about a man.

maybe i was wrong.


Osutein said...

Does this mean what I think it means? You're finally going to write "Austin H. Gilkeson: Son of the Winds"?!?!

Linda said...

ooh, you blogged it, so that means you're a little less scared of it now.

also, I would love to know the context of this picture. was someone trying to snap a picture all sneakily, and MM was all "caught ya"?

also, that place looks like that breakfast place (Yolk?).

And, Austin has an interesting last name.

oline said...

sensei, that would look so good on the dane's shelf next to shabanu. actually i was thinking a complete history of the whale penis...

oh lindear, you know me too well. and i don't know what MM's doing in that picture. i was too busy checking out the ketchup bottle and wondering if she uses as much as me.

Osutein said...

This goes without saying, but the title has to be "Moby's Dick"

Osutein said...

Oh, and Linda, yeah, it's an interesting last name. Scotch-Irish. It has bedeviled tongues for ages.