26 May 2011


"does this even count as the suburbs?"
"there's a shake 'n steak so yeah."

"that's a lot of men."

"that's a lot of falsetto."

"does he know he's not elvis?"

"oh nick carter, i feel like his face conveys that this audience has somehow wronged him."

"this is where i learned everything that i know about dancing."

"oh. they're wearing white."
"that's a tricky color."

"there's just so much earnestness."

"oh, we're gonna get slow songed."

"jonathan does not look happy to be here."
"jordan was like, 'come on man, do it for me.'"

"it like detroit and the worst of forever21 via the audience of the rickie lake show."

"i wooed a lot tonight."

"i feel so much better about turning 30."


oline said...

thoughts on this picture:

i wonder what they are looking at. and i love the guy on the left checking his iphone.

Linda said...


Katie C said...

bahahaha- you mean the guy who is totally just photoshoped in because he is NOT one of the 9 we saw last night??? At first I thought maybe it was kevin, but no, doesn't seem to be so.

oline said...

OH! obviously i'm still very confused by what we witnessed last night as i totally thought this random dude was there. and i'm amused by your continuing concern for kevin.

Katie C said...

I'm an includer, I can't help it. I just really don't like people to be left out. haha

Lara Ehrlich said...

I want more! Living vicariously, here!