06 May 2011

3 libby

this is my all-time favorite picture of me and libby.
never mind that we participated in The Greatest Fashion Shoot of All Time,
this is the image that does justice to 30 years of friendship.

it is 1985.
my mother has tucked her t-shirt into her culottes.
we are at the state fair.
on horseback.
rocking visors.

that's all awesome, yes, but click on the picture and blow it up.
look at libby looking back at me with an expression of OMG!
then look at my face and take in the look of total glee there.

30 years and we still make those faces.
we are still those girls, full of sneaky wonder.


Linda said...

CUTE! cute, cute, cute. love it.

and I just realized that I bought your photoshoot sunglasses last week.

oline said...

pictures, please.

mak said...

This picture makes me happy. :)