12 May 2011

4 lappy

the apple store is scary.

it's got all those expensive electronicaly things and the hip music and the florescent lighting and it's just one room but, my god, there are so. many. screens.

and then there's the geniuses. and their intimidating facial hair.

my dear lappy hasn't had a functioning "f" key since september 2010. so please pause and retroactively appreciate every single f you've read here, because each one necessitated a cut and paste move that i've since perfected, though that didn't make it any less of a pain.

i've functioned for eight months minus one letter. this didn't seem so bad until "f" took "d" along with it. bitch.

that is how i wound up at the apple store last night, where i was helped by a man with the mustache of baron munchausen. it's also how i learned that my dear lappy is certifiably vintage.

when i pulled lappy out of the case that my then-boyfriend had bought in 2003, the baron inhaled sharply.

wow, he said, we don't see too many of those.

he caressed lappy lovingly as though it weren't a heap of junk i'd dinged up when i threw it across the room while on the phone with partner in late 2009, and he looked genuinely distraught when he leaned over the genius bar and said, caroline, i'm afraid there's nothing we can do.


Katie C said...


oline said...

actually it negated all my hemming and hawing and made me finally do something about my impending technological doom. so, VICTORY!!!

Linda said...

genius bar! I LOVE IT!!

oline said...

yeah, i can't claim credit for that. it's legit apple store lingo.