03 May 2011

2 hair today

i work for a very vain, very old man. that in and of itself is a story of great complexity and sexual harrassment and twisted affection for which the world is not yet ready.

suffice it to say the old man was sick and now he's better. and he's bald.

the old man had dyed his hair jet black since 1962. there were days when he'd show up in the office fresh from the barber and it would gleam purple under the florescent lights.

two days after k.lo took me red, the old man returned after six months away and the question how do you like your hot redhead? came tumbling out of every co-workers' mouth.

ever since, the red hair has been an endless source of fascination for the old man.

caroline, caroline, he says. (he says my name a lot.) caroline, how did they get it so red?

do you like your new hair, caroline? caroline, i think it’s really lovely.

caroline, will you keep it like that forever, do you think, caroline?

and, my personal favorite: caroline, if i were fifty years younger, caroline, oh, caroline. the trouble we'd get into.


jmillewitz said...

Old man is so filthy!

Linda said...

he's better!!!