26 April 2011

2 relaxification

in college, wednesday was my night. i stayed in and watched felicity. i didn't do homework. i didn't see my boyfriend. i didn't shave my legs.

among the group of guys i ran with, this was an understood. if it was wednesday, oline was off the grid.

i don't know when this stopped but the other night, i had this grand plan to try to recapture it. admittedly, it was a tuesday and the plan didn't go into effect until 11:30 p.m., but i was undeterred.

i turned off the phone and the computer and lit a candle and sat in a fiercely hot bath, sipping chardonnay from a cubs mug. this lasted for five solid minutes.

whereupon the neighbor's boyfriend started singing, vieve puked on the bathroom carpet and a stray strand of hair floated through the air into the candle flame, where it went off like a sparkler.

lesson learned. adulthood is not college. nor should it try to be.


Linda said...

cool building. in what city was felicity set?

oline said...

new york. though i think they only filmed there maybe once.