08 April 2011

2 "if 'if' were a fifth, we'd all be drunk."

awhile ago, i wrote a polemic against religion. it's a half-written, overwrought, fucked up, sinkhole of thought, beast of a thing and has, justly, been carnaged in writing group every single month since.

all that remains of the original is three paragraphs and the closing two lines, and i've a sneaking suspicion those three paragraphs have got to go.

the last two lines are the key. they are set in stone. they have made multiple jaws drop.

if only i knew how to get to them.

i don't and there's apparently not going to be any easy way, and so i've spent months trawling through emotional dung and writing thousands of words that didn't take me where i need to go.

sensei and the dane seem pretty damn sure this is something. if i can pull it off.

right now, there’s nothing quite so daunting as that if.


Osutein said...

It will indeed be awesome. If you can pull it off.


oline said...

gee, thanks, sensei.