28 April 2011

0 friday, 4 a.m.

here's the thing: i really fucking do not want to wake up on friday at 4 a.m. 

i mean, it's gonna happen. not because of history or because i have any particular interest in royal weddings or william or kate. i mean, i'm mildly curious to see what my beloved victoria beckham will wear, but beyond that my interest, it is nil. 

nonetheless, i have to watch. because biography is a genre where the most important things a woman can do is get married and die. seen in that light, the royal wedding is kind of a big biographical deal. 

and since biography's supposed to be my business and whatnot and there's always the chance that i'll one day write a book about the royals (a fate to which every single jackie biographer of the past 20 years has succumbed), i need to watch so that, on the off-chance some interviewer of the future asks future oline, now tell us about your memories of watching the royal wedding..., future oline won't have to say, well, i was asleep. 

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