03 April 2011

9 drama

SO, camilla & charles: whatever love means.


despite the fact that you can easily procure your own copy for $6.40, i assume you're going to take my word on this and i'm totally cool with that. because while i carry the jackie mantle uneasily, i will stand by the statement that i am the greatest connoisseur of docudrama of our time. a docudramaterian, if you will.

at the very pinnacle of my Hierarchy of Docudrama™, i would put that immortal epic WE channel 2006 classic (disowned by its director!!!) camilla & charles: whatever love means (which, i only just realized upon imdbing is actually entitled charles & camilla: whatever love means, but given the preexisting monumental titular misquote [ie. camilla & charles: whatever 'in love' means] verbal precision seems irrelevant).

my reasons are as follows:

1) period-authentic music!!!
2) period-authentic sets!!!
3) period-authentic language!!!

as this list should indicate, period-authenticity is an area in which many a docudrama has not excelled, but not camilla & charles: whatever love means. freaking camilla & charles: whatever love means gives us camilla and charles standing in a realistically upper class englishy-looking party listening to robert palmer while dropping "buggers" and "bullockses" left and right.

omg, people, camilla & charles: whatever love means is so like real life, you can't even believe.

my mother hates camilla & charles: whatever love means. even though she's never seen it. i would argue that it's because she hates camilla and charles but i don't particularly like them either so that seems a straw man.

rather, i think she believes camilla & charles: whatever love means has warped my view of love. i, of course, do nothing to calm her fears.

the other night was one of those rare nights when i'd nothing planned and was, therefore, at liberty to partake of the mental sorbet that is camilla & charles: whatever love means. when i informed my mother, she paused then asked in her best judy blume voice: cupcake, what do YOU think love means?

i sighed and stated the obvious: well, mummy, love is when two people are stupid and don't get married because one of them has "a past" and instead they marry other people and then their sexual indiscretions are exposed to all the world so they've nothing to do but divorce and marry each other like they should've done from the first. obviously, that's what love means. 


Linda said...

who is that actress playing Diana?? Looks just like her! At least, looks just like all the 80's glamour pictures I've seen of her.

Linda said...

PS. love is a battlefield. duh.

oline said...

dude, yes. you'll have to put that in your docudrama.

and i don't know who the di is. maybe sadly (awesomely?) was the high point of her career.

Les Savy Ferd said...

Diana looks super hawt. Dag.

oline said...

i feel like charles should look a wee bit more pleased.

Osutein said...

I am obligated to share this every time this subject arises: I saw, in person, Charles and Camilla's first kiss. It was outside Covent Garden and I was surrounded by a swarm of paparazzi.

That is my great tabloid claim to fame. For now!

oline said...

HOW have we never talked about this?? you've been holding out, my friend.

Osutein said...

For some reason I thought I'd told you. Because every time I think about it, I think, "did I tell F.(at) (Car)Oline Eaton?" And then I think, "surely, I must have." But I didn't. Sorry!

But yeah, I was there. Though we didn't find out we'd witnessed royal history until the next morning at breakfast back at our college in Cambridge (such was my glamorous life, circa July 2001!) when someone brought in the Daily Mail or some such thing and there on the cover were Charles and Camilla kissing and the headline "First Public Kiss!" (well, that was the meaning of the headline. Knowing the British tabloids, the actual headline was something like "Chuckie Finally Snarggles Cammy's Kisser!!!!")

As we were all students from an American college named after an incestuous pair of British royals, staying at a college founded by the matriarch of the Tudors, it seemed appropriate that we were among the those to witness it.

oline said...

you were at cambridge? and you have a complete mastery of british tabloid headline lingo? who are you, sensei? clearly, a deep well of mystery.