14 April 2011

2 carded

taking a play out of the Croftie Playbook of Successfully Gaining Success Now That You've Successfully Attained Your Overpriced Liberal Arts Degree, i owned up to the fact that what i want to be is a "writer/editor" and ordered business cards.

they came the other day. pretty! see:

i can only imagine how people must feel upon having published an actual book. all i did was successfully convey my contact information so that is was properly printed on a piece of chipboard and now i want to shower the resulting incandescently beautiful product around the world like confetti.

here's the thing though. the package came with a handful of leftovers and samples and as incandescently beautiful as my card is, i know that one day- maybe in the long long way far off but one day nonetheless- when money is no longer an option and it isn't so much a matter of manning up to declare myself a "writer/editor" as ballsing up to embrace hot pink, this card that is merely a sample now will be mine:


jmillewitz said...

I must admit, I do LOVE the pink card!

oline said...

i know, right?! it's amazing.